Christian The Lion: The Video…And Now The Book

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Christian The Lion in this video that is a favorite of millions, here it is. It will give you a big smile today… and maybe a few tears of joy.

Christian’s former owners John Rendell and Ace Berg have just written a new book about Christian. It tells the story of the little cub who was raised and loved in a London flat, and who never forgot the people who loved him so much. Look for it at a bookstore near you!

The Year’s Best Viral Videos!

Here’s an awesome collection of the year’s best viral videos, from our friends at Videogum! Included are some awesome Sasha Fierce wannabes, a Saxby Chambliss slip-up, The Jesus Is My Friend song, Tom Cruise’s Sci-bot recruiting vid, Barack Roll, Christian the Lion, a young Bill O’Reilly LOSING IT (warning…no bleeps), and so much more! Feliz Navidad!