Christina Aguilera’s friends say she’s a drunk

Matthew Rutler, Christina Aguilera‘s boyfriend, was arrested for DUI earlier this week, and police found Christina in the car with him, so drunk that she could not take care of herself.  They arrested her for public  intoxication and kept her until she could make her way home on her own.  Friends have said that they’ve been trying to get Christina into rehab for ages now.

Alcohol was a factor in her divorce from Jordan Bratman, and now that she’s single she’s been partying and clubbing even more now, despite having a baby to take care of.  The concern is that if she doesn’t get help soon, her son could be growing up without a mother.  There’s already a rumor going around that Jordan may try to take custody away from Christina.

Christina still drunk and packing on weight again

Christina Aguilera‘s recent arrest report for public drunkenness stated that she weighs 100 pounds, but I think that may have been a tiny lie, given that she’s gained about 40 pounds in the past three months, and I don’t think she started at 60 pounds.  In any case, the overeating and the drinking and the drunk-driving boyfriend are net really helping her get control of herself, and although friends have told her that they’re worried, she has basically told them all that it’s none of their business and she doesn’t need any help.

Of course, eventually she’ll admit she has a problem and go to some glitzy rehab center, and then it’ll be time for a comeback… rinse, repeat… these stories all seem to go the same way.