Shock Of The Decade: Clay Aiken Admits He’s Gay.

Is it National Come Out Of The Closet Because No One Believes You Are Straight Anyway Day? First Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson tell Loveline that yes, they ARE together, and have been for a long time. Daddy Michael Lohan is NOT taking it well. Now, People Magazine’s upcoming issue has Clay Aiken, front and center with his turkey-baster babe, telling us what we already know, that he IS gay.

Claymates who have been in denial for years should be monitored carefully in the next few weeks, and possibly be considered for suicide watch. ‘Cuz they are the ONLY ones who are gonna be shocked by THIS newsflash. And it won’t be pretty. Look for Ricky Martin to be gracing a similar cover story soon, as he TOO recently shook his bon-bons into the turkey baster for some babes of his own. Snarkista’s deepest condolences to the gaydar-impaired.