American Idol 2012: Colton Dixon Rocks Cyndi Lauper (VIDEO)

Despite my prediction that he cannot possibly win American Idol 2012, I still consider cute, Christian punk, poetic soul Colton Dixon as my personal favorite on the show this year. Maybe I just have a soft spot for multi-colored, spiky hair. Or maybe I am just infatuated with emo boys with pretty voices. I did watch all the Twilight movies so far and did not set the screen on fire while I was doing it…


Anyway, I digress. Tonight on American Idol 2012, my favorite boy Colton Dixon was faced with the task of choosing a song from the 80’s to rock out and impress the judges and the voters with his vocal prowess. Colton Dixon could have probably picked any number of songs from this decade that would suit his voice and style, but I was rather pleased he decided to go with Cyndi Lauper‘s “Time After Time.”

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