Conan O’Brien $40 Million Payout from NBC

Conan O’Brien is reportedly close to signing a $40 million exit deal with NBC. O’Brien is expected to receive the bulk of the payout, with the rest going to staffers for severance pay and contract buyouts.

Conan O'Brien (Photo: John J. Kruzel/American Forces Press Service)
Conan O'Brien (Photo: John J. Kruzel/American Forces Press Service)

Under the $40 million deal for Conan O’Brien from NBC, The Tonight Show host would not be able to launch a new television show until fall, according to the Wall Street Journal. O’Brien would take home just over $30 million from the deal.

The remainder of the payout would be given to O’Brien’s Tonight Show staffers and crew. Many of them moved from Los Angeles to New York with O’Brien to work on The Tonight Show and were reportedly upset and angry that they might not be compensated properly for losing their jobs.

The terms of the deal also ban Conan O’Brien from bad-mouthing his former employers once he leaves the network. Not that he hasn’t already had his fill of trashing NBC since this whole drama started.

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