Cosmopolitan reminds parents it’s an adult magazine

Poor Lea Michele – when you play an underage character on TV, apparently it prevents you from ever being able to act like an adult again.  Lea, whose character on Glee is a teenage student, is 24 in real life, and like many 24-year-olds with bodies to die for, she likes to dress sexy sometimes.  Big deal, right?

Well, apparently it is a big deal for some parents, who have taken issue with Lea’s recent cover shot for Cosmopolitan in which she wears a low-cut dress showing lots and lots of cleavage.  The argument the parents have made is that Lea is a role model for young girls, and she should act that way at all times. Cosmo’s response was clear and to the point: “Lea Michele is a grown woman and Cosmopolitan is a magazine is for adults.”  I mean, duh.