Courteney Cox still has a slammin’ bod

It’s hard to believe that Courteney Cox is 46 when you see candid photos like this of her in a bikini.  Courteney was recently filming scenes for Cougar Town in Hawaii, and one of the scenes called for her and co-star Josh Hopkins to play around in a swimming pool.  Courteney took off her robe to reveal a teeny-tiny green bikini, and jaws dropped.

Aside from rumors that she’s recently had a boob job, Courteney attributes the rest of her figure to a strict daily workout routine and healthy eating habits.  She says that although people complain about their figures sagging after 40, in her experience it’s all down to how hard you’re willing to work for the body you want.  And by that she means you have to work hard so that you can afford a really good plastic surgeon.