Crystal Harris thinks she’s a pop star

Hugh Hefner‘s fiancée, Crystal Harris, is getting ready to something almost as ridiculous as marrying Hugh Hefner – she’s releasing a single.  A music single.  The alleged song is entitled “Club Queen,” and it’s going to be released in June, right before her wedding day.

Harris is at least smart enough to know that she’s going to need help with this – she’s hooked up with vocal coach Seth Riggs, whose past students include Diana Ross and Madonna, and apparently he’s going to make sure that she doesn’t screw up this recording any worse than necessary.  The recording engineer will have to fix the rest later.

Hugh Hefner defends Ricky Gervais

In this day and age when every celebrity seems to get butthurt over the slightest joke at their expense, it’s good to see that some people still have an old-school attitude toward comedy.  Hugh Hefner and his fiancée Crystal Harris were on the receiving end of a Ricky Gervais joke the other night at the Golden Globes, but instead of being outraged, Hef took it in his stride and accepted the jabs as part of a fun evening.

Hefner’s Twitter stream didn’t indicate any animosity toward Gervais, as he tweeted, “the Golden Globes was a blast. They made fun of everyone, including Crystal & me. A great night.”  He went on to say that when you lead the kind of public life that he has led, the jokes come with that, and you just have to accept it.  Well said.

Holly Madison jealous about Hef’s engagement

Hugh Hefner‘s ex-girlfriend Holly Madison has been defending herself on Twitter recently, due to some backlash she’s been getting over comments she made about Hef’s engagement to Crystal Harris Holly has not made it a secret that she thinks Crystal is perhaps not the best choice for Hef’s wife, and in response a lot of people accused Holly of being bitter and jealous.

Now Holly has gone back to Twitter to clear the air, saying that she’s actually just overprotective, and that she’d like to see Hef get married one day, just not to Crystal.  I don’t know what she means by “one day” – the man is in his mid-80s, I think if he’s going to do anything at all he’d better do it sooner rather than later.

Hugh Hefner marrying for a third time

Just when you thought things with Hugh Hefner couldn’t get any more gross, he’s now engaged to marry his girlfriend, Crystal Harris, who is a mere 23 years old.  According to Hef’s Twitter, the 84-year-old Playboy founder proposed to Crystal on Christmas Eve, and allegedly she burst into tears.

You can’t really blame her – she’s about to be legally tied to a man old enough to be her great-grandfather, and yet… think of the inheritance.  Naturally there will be a lot of mixed emotions!  No word yet on a wedding date, but you can bet it’s going to be a glitzy, glamorous affair, and that there will be a lot of young blondes and rich dudes in attendance.