Dashiell Torrallba’s Video Blows Fidel Castro Wide Open

Dashiell Torralba Hernández has single handedly achieved the seemingly impossible. She’s discredited Fidel Castro and the first family of Cuba, something the CIA has been trying unsuccessfully to do for the last 50 years. The video below is in Spanish, but the damning evidence is easy to see.

Dashiell Torralba smuggled the home videos out of Communist Cuba. She’s the ex of one of Fidel Castro’s sons. The tapes show a lifestyle totally unlike one led by the common Communist Cuban. The videos show Fidel preparing for a sumptuous meal, and lounging on fabulous leather sofas in his Havana villa. They give the first peek into the residence which most of his own countrymen have never even seen themselves. Of course, most of them have never even heard about the Castros’ lives of luxury.

The tapes handed over by Dashiell Torralba have been shot by Fidel’s own children. Cubans aren’t aware of how many children Fidel has; ALL family information is a closely guarded secret. Telling secrets in Cuba can mean one can mysteriously vanish forever. These kind of secrets would certainly get you put on a top-level hit list.

There are lot of recognizable high party leaders in the tapes, further bolstering their authenticity. Dashiell Torralba is now hiding in an unknown Latin American country and rightly fears for her life. Perhaps the U.S. will grant her asylum, as she’s done something no U.S. government branch has ever been able to do. She’s shown the real truth about the brutal dictator Castro and his family. Cuba may never be the same.

Henry Louis Gomez at Babalu Blog has some further interesting info into the Dasheille Torralba saga, including the appearance of a porno that mysteriously appeared today as well. Something’s definitely up.