Marie Claire blogger apologizes for hateful article

A blogger for fashion magazine Marie Claire has found herself in hot water after posting an article to the Marie Claire blog saying that the sight of fat people grosses her out, and that she doesn’t think shows like Mike & Molly have any place on television.  I’m not sure what sort of reaction she expected from that, given that one, more than 65% of the American population are overweight and probably don’t like being called gross, two, Mike & Molly is one of the most popular shows of the new season, and three, bullying is a really touchy topic right now.

As you can imagine, the post got over 1,500 comments and counting, almost entirely overwhelmingly negative, and Marie Claire magazine says it has received almost 30,000 complaints from people who don’t find any kind of blanket hate speech acceptable.  The blogger has now apologized for her words, and blames her warped perspective on the fact that she has struggled with anorexia her entire life.

Justin Bieber speaks out against homophobic bullying

Homophobic bullying is a very serious topic that’s getting a lot of press at the moment, and Justin Bieber is the latest to speak out, as he was recently the victim of a bully’s taunts.  

Bieber, who was playing laser tag on Friday, was repeatedly targeted by a kid who kept coming after him specifically, which apparently is not cool in the world of laser tag.  When Bieber had enough and told the kid to back off, allegedly the boy called Bieber a “faggot” more than once before the situation diffused.  

Even though Bieber is straight, he said that the comments were hurtful and hateful, and that in response he wants to do whatever he can to speak out against homophobic bullying.  Expect public service announcements on his YouTube channel imminently.

Perez owns up to his hypocrisy

After Perez Hilton spoke out so vehemently against cyberbullying following the recent series of bully-related suicides, it was pointed out by, oh, a few bazillion people that the man is a big ol’ hypocrite, as he has basically built his entire career and fortune by trashing people on the internet in pretty ugly ways.  Hilton now says that he’s trying to clean up his act and walk the talk, and while he’s at it he’s branching out and making a few other niche websites to help categorize content and respond to criticism that his flagship site has no real focus.  It remains to be seen whether this change will benefit him professionally, as a lot of people only go to his site because they want to see the trash talk.  If he gives that up, he’ll kind of be abandoning his only real skill.