DWTS Nancy Grace Wardrobe Malfunction Video Shows Nothing She Says

Oh we have to love a Nancy Grace wardrobe malfunction video! Last night on Dancing With the Stars, fans got a bit more than they bargained for when Nancy Grace and partner Tristan MacManus hit the dance floor. Grace didn’t just show off her dance steps, she also accidentally showed off some flesh when her top slipped down to reveal more of her breast than anyone probably cared to see.

In case you missed it on the show, you can now find the Nancy Grace wardrobe malfunction video from last night’s Dancing With the Stars spreading all over the Net. Naturally, we will also bring it to you right here! Not that, well, we really want to ogle Nancy Grace’s boobs. That’s kind of gross really. Still, she’s such a stuffy bird, it’s kind of fun to see her blushing and discombobulated. Plus, watch her partner’s face as he stares at Nancy’s cleavage!

On Dancing With the Stars last night, it wasn’t so obvious that Nancy Grace had suffered a wardrobe malfunction during her wiggling around the dance floor. While Nancy Grace was baring a nipple, the camera swung off to the audience before going back to the judges. However, the video posted online shows the Nancy Grace wardrobe malfunction all too clearly. Yikes!

The judges, of course, could not resist poking fun at Grace, who at one point hid her face in partner Tristan MacManus’s chest. “On the European version, that would be absolutely fine,” host Tom Bergeron quipped. “It was a bit top-heavy at times,” Bruno Tonioli declared of the couple’s dance, obviously punning on Grace’s breast baring.

As for Nancy Grace, she insists that no actual nip-slip took place, despite what anyone says. “When we were doing our hopscotch portion of our dance, there was a little bit of movement but it did not rise to a wardrobe malfunction,” Grace told Us Weekly after her performance. “There may have been… a little bit of jiggling but there was absolutely not a wardrobe malfunction.”

Just too much fun.