Celebrity Clothing Lines: Aubrey O’Day Edition

Danity Kane singer and Hairspray Broadway babe Aubrey O’Day is the latest celeb to launch a clothing line; Heart On My Sleeve. Aubrey wears her “bad girl” image proudly, and her line reflects it! It looks to be mostly t-shirts and panties, many with provocative sayings on them like “I Love Dirty Texting” , “DJ’s Make Me Horny”, and ” My Sex Tape Comes Out Next Week”. Also, briefs that say “Bad Boys Make My Panties Drop”. Classy! The PERFECT gift for your skankiest friend!

We now know where the heinous headband/flower growth thing came from that Aubrey wore on the red carpet a couple of weeks ago; it’s there for you to buy should you need to look like something Anne Geddes would use in one of her baby photo shoots. Only $120!! Hurry though, there are limited quantities! Maybe Aubrey is a little more involved in her “line” better than Posh and Lauren Conrad were in theirs.


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