Kick-Ass Fails to Kick Much Ass at Weekend Box Office

Despite foul language of the worst kind and a ridiculous plotline, the comic book-inspired movie Kick-Ass failed to kick much in the way of ass at the weekend box office. Normally, for some insane reason, films with nasty language spewing in all directions and a complete lack of a believable plot do extremely well at the box office, so we were actually a bit surprised Kick-Ass fell short in the film’s premiere in theaters.

'Kick-Ass' (Universal Pictures/Lionsgate)
'Kick-Ass' (Universal Pictures/Lionsgate)

How To Train Your Dragon was almost the big dog at the weekend box office this time around, barely losing out to Kick-Ass for the top spot. Earlier estimates actually put Kick-Ass in second place, but more recent reports show the film barely squeaking ahead. Not that either film took home a huge load in the rankings.

How To Train Your Dragon brought in around $19.6 million based on box office estimates, with Kick-Ass taking about $19.8 million. The numbers were so close, so Kick-Ass barely pulled out a last minute victory and it was kind of a pathetic win.


Tina Fey and Steve Carell’s Date Night placed in third at the weekend box office top five, followed by Death at a Funeral in fourth and Clash of the Titans in fifth.

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