Lebron James Mom Gloria James Affair With Delonte West?

This has to be one of the oddest rumors we’ve heard in a while and we certainly hope it isn’t true! According to gossip going around, Gloria James, mother of Cleveland Cavaliers player Lebron James, is allegedly having an affair with her son’s teammate and friend, Delonte West.

Lebron James and mother Gloria James (publicity photo)
Lebron James and mother Gloria James (publicity photo)

The rumor of an affair between Lebron James’ mom and Delonte West hit full steam on Friday when TerezOwens.com claimed they had ‘exclusive’ access to an unidentified source who confirmed the two were sleeping together.

The questionable source allegedly claims his “uncle” knows Gloria James and Delonte West have been hooking up. “Somehow Lebron found out before game four and it destroyed their chemistry and divided the team,” the source said. “I am not making this up, I wish it wasn’t true but it happened.”

The affair between Lebron’s mom and Delonte West is supposedly one of the reasons why he wants out of the Cavaliers so badly.

We’re calling BS on this rumor just because there is no proof out there other than something someone’s alleged “Uncle” said. I mean seriously, how more urban legend can you get?

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