Could Ashton and Demi Patch Things Up?!

Giving a spark of hope to all who want to believe true love still exists – and can win out -in Hollywood, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher reunited over the weekend. Following Demi’s announcement on Thursday that she was leaving Ashton, the pair visited a house affiliated with Kabbalah, apparently for counseling according to a friend.


In spite of the somber mood concerning their relationship, those close to the couple say Demi’s “spirits have been lifted” since deciding to leave Kutcher … which makes us wonder why the two were allegedly seeking counseling. Friends say Demi is optimistic that the split will get easier everyday.

Then why, oh why, give us an iota of hope by showing up as a couple? Here’s hoping they’re not officially done trying to work it out!


Demi and Ashton Officially Call it Quits

After weeks of neither party confirming nor denying the allegations of infidelity, it appears that there really was enough wrong with Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s relationship to call for a divorce. The 49-year-old actress announced to the Associated Press today that she would be divorcing her husband of six years:

“It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have decided to end my six-year marriage to Ashton. As a woman, a mother and a wife there are certain values and vows that I hold sacred, and it is in this spirit that I have chosen to move forward with my life.”

When their relationship started, it received much attention for the pair’s 16 year age difference and was recently back in the spotlight when allegations arose about Ashton having an affair with a young woman on the same weekend as his wedding anniversary. He has never confirmed or denied this accusation but responded via tweet to Demi’s announcement saying: “I will forever cherish the time I spent with Demi. Marriage is one of the most difficult things in the world and unfortunately sometimes they fail.”

Six years is almost a record in Hollywood; still, we were hoping this one would go the distance!

Ashton Kutcher to Replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men

According to the latest reports coming out of Hollywood, Demi Moore‘s boy toy husband Ashton Kutcher is signed on and ready to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men in March after too many exhibitions of extreme behavior, including allegations he threatened to kill his wife during a domestic dispute and engaged in crazy, drunken binge fests with various porn stars.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ashton Kutcher will reportedly play “the Charlie Sheen character” on Two and a Half Men and will be introduced “in a way that satisfies the network and the studio.”

“We are so lucky to have someone as talented, joyful and just plain remarkable as Ashton joining our family,” Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre said in a press statement.

Sources report Ashton Kutcher was willing to take quite a bit less cash than Sheen was making on the show, according to Charlie Sheen was raking in about $1.25 million per episode, while Ashton Kutcher is reportedly willing to take half that amount per show.

Production on the 9th season of the show is expected to start this summer.

Ashton Kutcher wants to date Jennifer Aniston

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, Ashton Kutcher used to be a high school student, and apparently his computer screensaver was rotating photos of his celebrity crush, Jennifer Aniston.  Ashton bet one of his friends $1,000 that he would one day have a date with Jennifer – and now he intends to win that bet.

It nearly happened once before, back when Jennifer and Brad were still a thing and Ashton was still up-and-coming.  He asked Brad Pitt for permission to ask Jennifer out, and Brad was totally cool about it and played along.  Unfortunately, Jennifer turned Ashton down on that occasion, but he says he still holds out hope that one day he’ll win the bet.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: still disgustingly affectionate

If there’s any truth to the recent rumors that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher‘s marriage is on the rocks, it’s certainly difficult to tell.  The couple, who will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary tomorrow, have been plagued by talk that Kutcher may have slept with a 21-year-old woman, but their daily interactions seem to be business as usual… and by that I mean they’re still making everyone around them nauseous with their constant public displays of affection.

Moore is currently filming for a new movie called The Reasonable Bunch, and earlier this week Kutcher was on set and the two were giggling, hugging, and generally being mushy.  In my world, that’s not how two people act when one has just cheated on the other, so I’d say the rumors are made up, but in Hollywood, you just never know.  We’ll see if this story ends up going anywhere.