Danny Bonaduce speaks out against “digital deaths”

The recent “digital death” celebrity publicity stunt for the Keep a Child Alive foundation is not really progressing as well as the participating stars had hoped, and some are even speaking out against what is being referred to as “emotional blackmail” from the celebrities who are withholding Twitter and Facebook updates until the $1 million donation mark is reached.

Actor-turned-radio-host Danny Bonaduce voiced his annoyance on his morning radio show, stating that it was ridiculous to start a fight against a disease by quitting something, and he feels that celebrities holding silence over their fans’ heads was an abuse of power.  Bonaduce suggested that a better idea might be for the celebrities to use social media to remind their followers to donate.  In the first day of the “event” the donations didn’t even reach $100,000 – apparently people aren’t in such a great hurry to have these egomaniacs back online.