Hurricane Ike’s Missing: Lan Lamphere & Snarkfood Podcast

Podcast of Oklahoma Expeditions’ Lan Lamphere and Snarkfood’s Erin Dunlap
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As Snarkfood readers know, we have continued to report on what the mainstream media has not- what happened to, and where are the missing of Hurricane Ike? We began following Ike before he plowed into Galveston Island and much of coastal Texas. At the same time that we were reporting ON Galveston, documentary filmmaker and photojournalist Lan Lamphere of was IN Galveston. Lan and his team went down to film, and they fully intended to document all they could about Ike and his fury. Lan’s an amazingly talented guy, and produces the “Storm Chasers” series you can see on . Lan survived some close calls in shooting and reporting on Ike, including the collapse of the ceiling of his hotel room. The footage Lan shot, viewable on his site, is remarkable.

Lan’s team expected to stay for at least 4 days, documenting the aftermath of the storm, and bringing the story back to the rest of America. That was before a total media blackout was declared by Texas officials, a no-fly zone was imposed upon the entire area, and journalists were told they must leave Galveston immediately. And that’s when we decided we were not letting this story go.

Lan and Snarkfood’s Erin Dunlap were on the same page and the same path at the same time. The media blackout was unprecedented, and only served to increase our resolve to find out the truth about Ike and his victims. Frankly, something stinks on the coast of Texas. There are a tremendous amount of people missing, and an even larger amount of people trying to find them. Folks trying to find family members, co-workers, friends, the owners of their favorite businesses…all being thwarted by our government and the mainstream media’s refusal to acknowledge the magnitude of the disaster. Both Lan and Erin have had many of these people reach out to them for help in finding their loved ones.

Yesterday, 3 weeks after Ike hit, was the FIRST day that officials began searching for bodies with dogs. The mainstream media reported THIS story after weeks of nothing new on the issue. Where in the hell have they been?

So yesterday, Lan and Erin discussed the missing of Hurricane Ike on a special edition of Lan’s show. Lan’s account of his experiences during the hurricane is astounding. We have it for you here as a podcast that you can listen to, download and share with those you know. We really ask that you help us keep the missing from being forgotten. As we’ve said here before, this is not a regional story, it is an American story- and one that deserves to be kept alive until the truth is found.
Listen to, download and share the podcast of Oklahoma Expeditions’ Lan Lamphere and Snarkfood’s Erin Dunlap here: lan-lamphere-erin-dunlap-podcast

3 Weeks After Hurricane Ike, The Search For Bodies Finally Begins

10/05/08: First Organized Body Search On Bolivar Peninsula: 7 Men, 1 Dog, 80 Square Miles To Cover

10/05/08: The stories of some who died…and some who are still missing.

Searchers and dog teams will begin looking for victims in the Hurricane Ike storm debris in Galveston and Chambers County, for the FIRST organized search and recovery. Why this is just NOW being done is very puzzling. Click here for video on the search.

The search will begin in Galveston today, and then move to Chambers County over the weekend. Chambers County Judge Jimmy Sylvia has been asking for help from the governor’s office since DAY ONE. He says he’s confused by the delay, and that some of the missing from Galveston Island may have been blown across Galveston Bay into Chambers County.

“I don’t have a clue why it is taking so long. You know, it really should be Galveston County pushing because those are Galveston County folks that would be up here in my county.”

State Representative Craig Eiland says the delay is something that will have to be investigated. There are quite a FEW things that need to be investigated about Hurricane Ike. With over 400 people missing- and probably a lot more, the official death toll in Texas still only numbers in the 30’s. Lan Lamphere, photojournalist and witness to Ike’s fury, interviewed Tracy Turner who is desperately trying to find her sister and two nephews. She hasn’t had contact with them since Hurricane Gustav. Tracy posted here as well, trying to do anything and everything she can to find her family members. Snarkfood is frustrated…families are frantic. It is HIGH time we got some answers.

Still At Least 400 People Missing From Hurricane Ike

UPDATE 10/02/08:
3 Weeks After Hurricane Ike, The Search For Bodies Finally Begins
Listen to photojournalist Lan Lamphere of and Snarkfood discuss the missing from Hurricane Ike. The Podcast Is Here.
Snarkfood is continuing its coverage of Hurricane Ike, which has virtually vanished from the mainstream media. Ike is mentioned only in reference to current gas shortages across the south. No national media are speaking of the devastation, save in passing, and the people who are still missing from Hurricane Ike have not merited their attention.

Currently, there are at least 400 people still missing, according to local Houston media. This is an approximate number, as there are so many different places that families are looking, registering and posting their names…that it’s difficult to get an accurate count. From what Snarkfood has been able to determine, 400 is probably a conservative number.

The residents of Galveston were allowed to come back to the island last week; the residents whose homes were behind the seawall were allowed to stay, those whose homes (or what was left of their homes) were on the hardest-hit West end of the island, must go away every night, and return during the day. Many, many people have had to throw EVERYTHING away from their homes. Every single solitary thing.
Here’s a video from a resident who returned to Galveston last week:

Even though this story has been squashed by “Hurricane Wall Street”, it is very much alive for the many, many thousands of people Ike has hurt. The Red Cross is a great place to help, either by calling 1-800-RED CROSS, or by visiting their website
Snarkfood has a post here that has advice on what to do for victims, including how to deal with FEMA, and, how to help for those of us blessed enough to be able to. These are our American brothers and sisters. Many people were unable to evacuate, another part of the story that is not being told. Before you pass judgment on them, take the time to read some of our coverage:
“Coast Guard Flyover Of Galveston Island”
“Conditions Deteriorate For Ike Survivors: Celebs Could Help”

“Hurricane Ike: If You Are Missing, Please Raise Your Hand”
“Hurricane Ike: The Missing Have Names; Ike Missing From The Mainstream Media”
It may open your eyes.

Get the HELL Out Of Galveston!

“Born a Texan, always a Texan”. Even though Snarkista calls Nashville home now, a part of her heart (and a lot of family) will always be in Texas. If any of you awesome Snark Food readers have friends and family in the way of Hurricane Ike, URGE THEM to get the hell out of town. Many people are waiting on buses to take them to safety. There are NO buses coming. As we Texans say, better “hunker down”.

Many residents are NOT leaving Galveston, and this is NOT a good idea. They are walking and gawking. The problem with Ike isn’t so much the winds, as it is the incredible storm-surge he’s gonna bring with his bad ass. “Certain death” is what National Weather Service officials are warning. Don’t screw with “certain death”.

You can watch over 15 live Galveston, Houston and other Gulf Coast webcams here.

The seawall around Galveston has always lulled residents into a feeling of invincibility. It’s 17-18 feet tall, and was built after the horrible hurricane of 1900, which killed between 8,000-12,000 people. Ike’s storm surge is expected to be over 25 ft in places, creating waves reaching 35 to 50 feet high. Basically, a tsunami. This is inconceivable in the Gulf of Mexico, but it is what the forecasters are warning. Ike could be worse than Katrina. Especially when you’re counting on a wall that’s over 100 years old.

Houston, you’re not immune. Does Alicia ring a bell? The flooding won’t spare you, and when the downed trees keep the utility folks from restoring your power, water and sewer services, you may be in a world of hurt. Snarkista says if you know someone in the way of Ike, call ’em, text ’em, or just throw their asses in the car.

Those people in the picture above? They’re standing on Galveston’s seawall. Ike’s still about 12 hours from landfall. Helicopter rescues are already happening, over 200 people now NEED rescuing, and the damn roof just fell off of Hooters. If HOOTERS can’t float, your house doesn’t stand an effin’ chance. Get out, or get the sharpie out. Use it to write your social security number on your arm.

1-800-Red Cross
, or the Red Cross Website if you want to help.