Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus Try To Bratz Their Way Out Of Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus and dad Billy Ray Cyrus are reportedly trying to annoy their way out of their Hannah Montana contracts. According to on-set sources, the two have made it clear they wanna bust out of Disneyland.

Miley is freakin’ annoying enough as it is, but she’s apparently turning on the afterburners with her co-stars, hoping to make them miserable enough to call it quits, and sink the show. The sources claim that Miley wants to focus on her own singing career, and is OVER being a tween. Billy Ray has deluded himself into thinking he’ll relaunching his own singing career off the back of his re-found stardom. God help our achy-breaky ears.

Sayeth the insider: “Billy Ray has told people on set that they’ll only make another 12 episodes but Disney insists they complete the season, which was recently extended to 30 shows. That annoyed Miley and Billy Ray and now they’re behaving badly on set. They’re always late and stalling production when they get there, as well as acting unprofessionally towards their fellow cast members and crew. Everyone’s getting bitter towards them.”

Miley’s a gazillionaire, and is now quite used to getting whatever she wants. Her fellow cast and crew will likely be subjected to non-stop Miley and Mandy YouTube Shows all day long. They’ll be BEGGING to be waterboarded. If Miley and Billy Ray wanna waltz away from all of that Hannah Montana merchandise dough, Snarkista says don’t let the door hit ya in the ass. Good luck collecting royalties on those illegal downloads! ‘Er, if people ARE downloading.

Breaking: Interview W/ Miley Cyrus’ Hacker & He’s Got MORE!

UPDATE: 8/31/08…Miley’s hacker says he’s too scared to release more pix because Miley was 15! Okay, so pretty much everyone knows that Miley Cyrus got hacked, and the racy pics have been dribbling out over the past few weeks. Snarkista heard that Trainreq, the hacker, lives in Murfreesboro, TN. about 30 miles from Nashville. He’s the real deal. Miley’s PHONE didn’t get hacked, like the press has been saying. Dude hacked her email. He’s got more Miley, and is gonna keep leaking the pics like the bikini and underwear pics here, (and possibly emails) out. Here’s a breaking story, the video interview with the hacker who HOPEFULLY has taught Miley a lesson. But probably didn’t.

When It All Started Downhill For Miley Cyrus And Nick Jonas

This is all soooo junior high ….so you may need a MAP. Snarkista gets a laugh out of Miley Cyrus attempting to make fun of her NOW ex’s new (and prettier) girlfriend. You know Miley has that new Rolling Stone cover of the Jonas brothers plastered EVERYWHERE. Not that she’s a stalker like Aniston. Apparently, Miley’s just apologized for this video, but Snarkista’s not sure she’s sincere!

Disney girl Selena Gomez (“The Next Miley Cyrus”) made a YouTube video awhile back with her equally cute best friend and fellow Disney star Demi Lovato (possibly another “The Next Miley Cyrus”). Miley used to date Nick Jonas, who is NOW dating Selena, and Miley’s not a big fan.

Miley struck back the way she does everything offstage…on camera. Miley’s annoying friend Mandy’s in the clip too. Notice how instinctively Miley pulls her shirt to show the camera! The video is mindless, and only important for one reason. Miley, this kinda shizz is why Nick, the nice boy, bolted.

Girls, Snarkista’s gonna give you a BIG rule to follow. No matter how many of your friends send skanky pics to their boyfriends, DO NOT DO IT if your boyfriend is (hopefully) a NICE BOY. NICE BOYS will run away. If you want a prince, you must behave like a princess. (Not the diva kind, or the My Super Sweet Sixteen kind). This is a timeless rule, and no matter how much your friends say it’s stupid, hide and watch and you”ll see Snarkista is RIGHT.

And Miley? Lay off the Ritalin (or Adderall)! You really need to stop being the loudest girl in the room, another MAJOR rule violation. Here’s Miley and Mandy’s video making fun of Demi and Selena’s video. OMG! She’s SUCH a BITCH!!

The Cover Of The Rolling Stone: Jonas Brothers Edition

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas have just done what every singer, musician and band wants to do. Be on the cover of the Rolling Stone. It’s a milestone in a successful career, one that a minuscule number of artists ever achieve. And they are all under 21. What do they want the world to know? That they’re a real band. Disney’s been great to them, but they want to be seen for the musicians they are. A tween’s dream, they are truly a drug for a young girl’s brain. Sayeth the Stone:

Big Rob escorts Nick, Kevin and Joe to their places. Suddenly, the lights go dark, triggering a roar in the 20,000-seat Cricket Wireless Pavilion that can only be described as primal. And it is, in a way. The neuropsychiatrist Dr. Louann Brizendine, author of the bestseller The Female Brain, says the release of dopamine in a screaming teenage girl’s brain upon seeing her pop idols is like “injecting heroin.” Being with other screaming girls, she says, only makes the effect wilder.

“There’s a thing in biology we call synchrony,” Brizendine says. “Basically, one girl affects another affects another, and it becomes a domino effect building up to that level of hysteria. They are getting all these brain hits of dopamine, and also oxytocin, which is a love-and-bonding hormone. Teenage girls have so much estrogen, which just catapults the level of dopamine and oxytocin in the brain, creating this sort of ecstatic rush in themselves and others. It truly is a state of ecstatic love.”

It’s nearing 8:00 on a sweltering night in Phoenix, and as the temperature mercifully dips below 100 degrees, a trillion swelling hormones have collected at the Cricket Wireless Pavilion to experience the Jonas Brothers. Among the undersize pilgrims in attendance are Jordan and Jackie, a pair of blond preteens from nearby Scottsdale. Moments ago, they met the Jonas Brothers in person at a “meet and greet” photo op, and now they stand red-cheeked, quivering and sobbing uncontrollably, as if they’ve been told that Disneyland just burned down, with the world’s supply of kittens and baby pandas trapped inside.

“Omigodomigodomigod,” Jordan says, holding her arms aloft and shaking her palms in the air.

“I got tingles in my body all over the place, because I. Just. Met. Nick. Jonas,” Jackie says.

“I’ve wanted to meet them for, like, my whole entire life,” Jordan says.

How old are you?


It’s like this everywhere.

The interview is great, and you can read the online version here at
The issue hits the stands July 25th.

British Moms Are Pissed At Miley Cyrus

Tween queen Miley Cyrus has had her share of scandals, from racy pics to naughty candy. Some people just say “leave Miley alone” ‘cuz she’s just a victim! Others are getting pretty critical, since most of Miley’s racy pics were taken by Miley! Now it seems British mothers have had enough, and are banning her toys and dolls from their homes.

Some angry parents at the Disney store in London told Fox News that their kids still want to buy the dolls and toys, but they feel Miley

“is now of an unsuitable nature for a 15-year-old megastar.”

The moms are OVER Miley’s controversial pictures which keep popping up on the web. We all know the latest set of pictures were published after they were hacked from Miley’s email account. Still, Miley’s racy self-pics for Nick Jonas aren’t setting well with tween moms and dads. Hannah Montana is EVERYWHERE, and has a huge influence on her young fans.

Snarkista told papa Billy Ray that he needed to get that shotgun out, and now he might wanna think about hiding the i-phone! Miley’s already wanting to do a “Sex and The Sequel”, and she’s 15. When she’s 18 and has control of her millions, it’s gonna be too late to straighten her out. British moms apparently aren’t gonna wait and see.