J. Lo Is A Cheap Bitch Packin’ Heat

Jennifer Lopez and her crew came into the exclusive Catherine Malandrinos store on Manhasset’s Miracle Mile, near where she and Skelator live. According to the New York Post, Jenny had a HUGE attack of Divatitis. Well THERE’S a shocker. Jen’s bodyguards came in with GUNS visible and started ordering people around and making a bunch of demands.

She insisted the store be shut down for her to shop alone, but was DE-NIED! We’re in a recession, yo! A clerk said that one of her eight-person entourage, which included two armed bodyguards, was yelling at her that Jennifer gets a 50 percent discount. The store was not amused. So, Jennifer proceeded to try on a ton of outfits, threw them all in a pile in the dressing room and didn’t buy anything. For the little people to have something to do!

Seems you can take the Jenny off of the block, but you can’t take the block out of the Jenny. Classless! All of you store owners better lock up quick if the posse heads your way- that’s some (unlikely) business you don’t want. Surprisingly, J. Lo’s rep didn’t return any calls.