Jennifer Jason Leigh files for divorce

It seems divorce is contagious at the moment, and Jennifer Jason Leigh is the next to go, apparently.  She just had a baby seven months ago, and already Leigh is out the door and ready to make a break from her husband, director Noah Baumbach.  The couple had been married for five years, and had been together for nearly a decade.

The fact that they were starting a family makes the timing a bit weird, so there’s some speculation as to why there was such a sudden change of heart.  Leigh has asked the court for custody of the child, as well as spousal support for herself.  I’m confused – doesn’t she already have a lot more money than Baumbach?

Larry King Just Can’t Stay Married

CNN talk show host Larry King, 74, is rumored to be divorcing his 7th wife, Shawn Southwick when she gets out of rehab! Shawn Southwick, 48, entered rehab late last month for an addiction to painkillers she used to deal with a chronic migraine problem. Larry and Shawn have been married for 11 years and they have two sons together, Chance Armstrong, 9, and Cannon Edward, 8.

Larry and Shawn were seen having a disagreement that got ugly outside a restaurant last year. Larry denied at the time that the fight was serious, but The National Enquirer (print edition) has a source which claims that the couple fights constantly and that King is going to divorce Shawn once she finishes her stint in rehab. She’s due to be out of rehab around the end of this month.

The Enquirer claims Larry is ready to spring divorce papers as soon as possible. Classy! At least Shawn still looks good enough to bag another husband, this time hopefully one not as ancient as Larry.