DJ AM Laid to Rest, Official Cause of Death Still Pending

Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM, was laid to rest on Wednesday, less than a week after his tragic death from an apparent drug overdose. The official cause of Goldstein’s death has yet to be announced, but evidence continues to mount the star DJ may have committed suicide.


DJ AM was found dead in his apartment last Friday at the age of 36. A variety of prescription medications and illegal drug paraphernalia were allegedly discovered near his body. An unidentified police source reportedly told the AP DJ AM had swallowed a large quantity of the painkiller OxyContin just prior to his death. 

The amount of pills taken by Goldstein and various personal objects found near him have led to speculation the young DJ may have taken his own life. Although preliminary autopsy results have been released, an official cause of death is pending further toxicology tests.

Goldstein’s apparent death by drug overdose was even more heart-breaking because he had struggled for over a decade to overcome a serious drug addiction. Seriously burned in a terrible plane accident last year that killed four others and also injured Travis Barker of Blink-182, DJ AM may have re-ignited his addiction while taking painkillers for his injuries. Goldstein was set to star in an upcoming MTV reality show about drug addiction in an effort to help kids who were battling similar demons.

Travis Barker of Blink-182, one of DJ AM’s closest friends, was among those who attended Goldstein’s funeral on Wednesday at Hillside Memorial Park in Los Angeles. Barker and his band have cancelled several gigs on their latest tour to take time to mourn for their lost friend. Hayley Wood, Goldstein’s girlfriend, was also in attendance at the DJ AM funeral. Although previous media reports have speculated DJ AM may have become severely depressed over a breakup with Wood, she denies the two had split prior to his death.

A private memorial will be held for DJ AM on Thursday at the Hollywood Palladium.