Dr. Conrad Murray Facing Manslaughter Charge in Michael Jackson Death Investigation

Dr. Conrad Murray, who allegedly gave Michael Jackson the cocktail of prescription medications that led to his death, may face manslaughter charges. The Los Angeles Police Department has reportedly completed their investigation into Michael Jackson’s death and will be handing over the results to the District Attorney shortly.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray, who served as Michael Jackson’s personal physician, has admitted to dosing the late pop icon with the powerful anesthetic drug Propofol. Jackson’s death was attributed to a lethal dose of Propofol, combined with a cocktail of other prescription medications.

Conrad MurrayMurray claims he did nothing wrong in administering prescription medications to Jackson and indeed, he may not have technically broken any laws. The D.A., however, reportedly intends to pursue charges of involuntary manslaughter against Murray due to negligence.

Dr. Conrad Murray continues to practice medicine in Texas. We just have to wonder, how insane are people willing to receive medical treatment from a man with this kind of history, facing criminal charges for killing someone? We wouldn’t get near him if he was the last doctor on Earth!

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