Dr. Conrad Murray Trial Continues With ER Doctor Testimony

The Dr. Conrad Murray trial continued on Monday with testimony from ER doctor Richelle Cooper about pop superstar Michael Jackson‘s death. Cooper testified in court on Friday that Dr. Conrad Murray never told hospital staff he had given Michael Jackson a dose of the surgical anesthetic propofol before the singer went into cardiac arrest.

Dr. Richelle Cooper testifying at Dr. Conrad Murray trial

Dr. Richelle Cooper, who was part of the team that attempted to resuscitate Michael Jackso at the Ronald Reagon UCLA Medical Center, said Murray only told her he had given Jackson two small doses of the sedative lorazepam. She said that Murray made no mention that he had been dosing Michael Jackson with propofol for several months to help him sleep.

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According to her testimony, Dr. Cooper claims she gave paramedics permission to declare Michael Jackson dead at his mansion, but Dr. Conrad Murray insisted the singer be taken to the hospital for additional resuscitation efforts. A paramedic at the scene previously testified they believed Jackson was dead for at least 20 minutes before emergency personnel arrived on scene.

When Michael Jackson arrived at UCLA Medical Center, Dr. Cooper said her “assesment when he arrived was that he was clinically dead.”

The legal team for Dr. Conrad Murray claims Michael Jackson injected himself with the large dose of propofol that killed him. Murray has pleaded not guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. Murray could receive four years in prison if he is convicted.