Pants on the Ground Star Larry Platt Marched with Martin Luther King Jr.

General Larry Platt, who gained Internet celebrity status for his American Idol “Pants on the Ground” audition video, is way more than meets the eye (or ear). The General is a lifetime civil rights activist who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

General Larry Platt at 'American Idol' audition (Photo: FOX Broadcasting)
General Larry Platt at 'American Idol' audition (Photo: FOX Broadcasting)

Speaking to Access Atlanta‘s American Idol Buzz blog, General Larry Platt said he is “a general of the civil rights movement.” Platt said his nickname was coined by civil rights leader Reverend William Hosea. During the height of the civil rights movement, Platt marched several times with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., including the “Bloody Sunday” Selma to Montgomery march. A photo on the home page of (Civil Rights Movement Veterans) allegedly shows Larry Platt as a teenager at a civil rights meeting in Savannah, GA, according to

General Larry Platt sat down with the ladies of The View on Monday to discuss his American Idol fame and his background in the civil rights movement. On Sunday, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre paid tribute to Platt by singing “Pants on the Ground” after his team’s blow-out win over the Dallas Cowboys.


Platt continues his efforts to “help keep people from being dominated” by speaking to government officials about issues involving the poor and homeless. “This should be a civilized state. Everyone should be treated equal,” Platt told Access Atlanta. The city of Atlanta honored Platt in 2001 with his own holiday for “priceless and immeasurable contributions to society.”

We’re just pleased to see someone getting their 15 minutes of fame who actually deserves it for a change.

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