Lindsay Lohan claims she’s a work in progress

After this latest round of failed drug tests that are keeping her from doing any real work, part-time actress and full-time party girl Lindsay Lohan has said that she can’t be blamed because addiction is a disease that she struggles with, and she is a work in progress.  Predictably, her father Michael Lohan says that none of this ever would have happened if he had been allowed full access to Lindsay when she was growing up.

While I would agree in principle that addiction is certainly a disease, I cannot buy Lohan’s claims that she’s trying her best, when the exact same night that she admitted on Twitter that she failed a drugs test, she went out with her friends to a Hollywood restaurant, and several diners and restaurant staff reported that she was seen sipping out of her friends’ vodka-based drinks and giggling as if no one would catch on to what she was doing.  She may be a work in progress, but exactly which direction she’s progressing is up for debate.