Duggar Baby 19: Michelle Duggar Emergency C Section Delivery

Reality TV mom Michelle Duggar gave birth to her 19th baby on Thursday via emergency c section. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar welcomed a new baby girl into the Duggar family, Josie Brooklyn, weighing in at just 1 lb., 6 oz.

Duggar Family
Duggar Family

Michelle Duggar has been in the hospital recovering from a gallstone and was taken to the OR for an emergency c section on Thursday. She was not actually due to give birth until March. Although premature, the baby girl is reported in stable condition. Michelle Duggar is also reportedly doing fine.

TLC has previously said they will change the name of the Duggar family reality show from 18 Kids and Counting to 19 Kids and Counting to reflect the newest addition. The Duggars follow the conservative Christian Quiverfull movement, which focuses on the bible’s tenement to be “fruitful and multiply”. They do not practice any form of birth control.

Little Josie continues the Duggar tradition of naming all the children in the family with the letter J. Her siblings are named Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johanna, Jennifer and Jordyn-Grace. The Duggars also recently welcomed their first grandchild into the family.

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