Top Super Bowl Commercials of 2010 – The Best & Worst

Despite the overblown controversy over the Tim Tebow anti-abortion ad, most of the Super Bowl 2010 commercials kept things light and tried to appeal to the viewer’s sense of humor to sell their shtick. As usual, some were far more successful than others.

Betty White in Snickers ad
Betty White in Snickers ad

Overall, we here at SnarkFood judged this year’s 2010 Super Bowl commercials as rather mediocre overall. None of the ads really slammed us with that ‘wow’ factor we’ve gotten from some previous Super Bowl advertisements. There were, however, a few that did tickle our funny bone or at least make us smile.

One of our top favorites of 2010 was the Betty White Snickers Super Bowl commercial – mostly because we just love Betty White no matter what the hell she’s doing.


Another one we were rather fond of was the so-called ‘Green Police’ super bowl commercial from Audi. Of course, we can’t help but love any commercial with a music background from Cheap Trick and lines like” “You picked the wrong day to mess with the ecosystem, plastic boy!”

We wanted to love the Dave Letterman, Jay Leno and Oprah Winfrey Super Bowl commercial ad for The Late Show just because it was pretty cool to have all three of them in the spot. But honestly we felt it fell a little bit flat and could have been so much more…

Budweiser purchased so much ad time during the Super Bowl that we were entirely sick of them by the time the Saints kicked the Colts ass into the ground. The only ad we really kind of liked was the Budweiser Lost commerical, which at least deserved props for its great production value and bravery in trying to take on a parody of such an epic hit show.

Weirdly enough, the Google Super Bowl commercial actually kind of made us feel a bit sappy, which I guess was a success. The search term story of a French romance was a creative way to promote the search engine, not that they really need the marketing.

All in all, we have to give our votes for the best Super Bowl commercials of 2010 to Snickers for the Betty White/Abe Vigoda football ad and Audi for their Green Police commercial.

As for the worst, we hands down pick the Tim Tebow ad for being so pointless it wasn’t even worth the media firestorm over it and for boring us yet again with a stupid slutty chick commercial nearly identical to every other commercial they’ve ever aired.

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