Kristen Stewart’s Vampire Pregnancy Transformation

Here’s a bit of behind-the-scenes info. The latest Twilight installment has Bella (Kristin Stewart) marrying vampire Edward Cullen and unexpectedly getting pregnant while on their honeymoon. As one would logically assume, a vampire baby carried by a human causes a lot of trouble. As the baby gets bigger, Bella withers away, unable to eat. In order to produce this haunting transformation, a special effects team worked arduously. The result is so believable that many wondered if Stewart really lost a bunch of weight.

She didn’t. Instead, she had to sit through hours of prosthetics and makeup application to make her eyes look more sunken and her ears larger. It was a bold move by the studio – to commit to making the main character of a hit movie look – well – grotesque for much of the film. But Stewart was game, saying the prosthetics made her feel like she had a “big, skinny head” for many of the scenes.