EJ Henderson Broken Leg Injury – VIDEO

Anyone watching the Minnesota Vikings versus the Arizona Cardinals this weekend was witness to the horrific EJ Henderson broken leg injury during the game. It was just one of those moments in football that makes you wonder why the hell these guys punish themselves this way for the sake of a game. Oh, yeah, the money… we forgot for a sec.

EJ Henderson SF

In video from the game, EJ Henderson flies through the air after tripping over one of his own team’s players while trying to tackle opposing player Tim Hightower.
Henderson’s right leg flies back over his head as he falls, twisting and snapping in mid-air. Henderson was taken off the field on a cart and x-rays later revealed his leg was broken.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out below. You are warned in advance, however, the injury on replay is graphic and likely to make you wince uncomfortably upon viewing!

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