Elisabeth Hasselbeck Flashed Nipple in Family Photo

Elisabeth Hasselbeck returned to The View on Monday after taking off two months due to the birth of her third child. Stepping right back into the fray, Hasselbeck revealed she had embarassingly sent a photo of herself with her nipple exposed to her entire family.


“You know when your baby smiles for the first time – I reach for the iPhone and take the photo,” Hasselbeck told her co-hosts on The View. “No wonder why he is smiling – because my nipple is in the photo!”

Hasselbeck mistakenly sent the photo to her entire family e-mail list. “It’se worse than drunk dialing,” Hasselbeck said of her error. “It’s embarrasing.”

During her first day back, Hasselbeck and her fellow hosts dished on the ‘Balloon Boy’ Falcon Heene controversy, the David Letterman affairs scandal and the Louisiana justice of the peace who recently denied a marriage license to an interracial couple.

While discussing Meghan McCain‘s recent posting of a racy photo of herself to Twitter, Hasselbeck joked, “I’m the one who just forwarded a photo with my own nipple.”