John Edwards Will Admit to Fathering Rielle Hunter’s Baby

Former presidential candidate John Edwards is reportedly ready to admit he is the father of ex-lover Rielle Hunter‘s baby. Edwards previously copped to cheating on wife Elizabeth Edwards, but declared he could not be the father of Rielle Hunter’s child due to the “timing” of the affair.


Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards denied the affair with Rielle Hunter at first, but was forced to come clean after the National Enquirer continued to pursue the story relentlessly, eventually tracking down John Edwards visiting Rielle Hunter in a Beverly Hills hotel last summer. However, he has repeatedly denied being the father of Rielle Hunter’s 18-month-old baby, saying the affair ended before the baby was conceived.

Edwards’ campaign aide Andrew Young claimed to be the child’s father, but has allegedly backed down from the paternity story and is penning a memoir that names Edwards as the real baby daddy. The child’s birth certificate does not list a father. The National Enquirer claims Edwards took a DNA test which conclusively proved he is the father of Rielle Hunter’s child.


If John Edwards does finally admit to fathering Rielle Hunter’s daughter, it is likely only because he is facing possible criminal charges over the affair. A grand jury is currently investigating whether Edwards and his staff may have improperly used campaign funds and possibly even paid Hunter to keep quiet about the affair and the baby with campaign money.

* Update: According to, John Edwards’ attorney Wade Smith has stated the former presidential candidate currently has no plans to release a statement regarding the paternity of Rielle Hunter’s baby. “No statement is planned,” Smith said, according to “We have no sort of schedule or timetable.”

Interesting that Edwards’ attorney neither confirms or denies the source information saying Edwards is the father, nor does he say that a statement will not be forthcoming at all. Simply that there is no “sort of schedule” for making one…