Eva and Tony’s divorce nosedives

Previous reports that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker were communicating amicably and working toward a nice, clean divorce may have been a little premature.  So far, public sympathy has been firmly in the Eva camp, as she tried to pull herself together and file for divorce while dealing with the devastating discovery of hundreds of sexually explicit text messages on Tony’s cell phone between him and Erin Barry.

Well, now the table are turning and things are getting ugly as Tony is now alleging that he was not the only one who suffered from the infidelity bug.  He claims that Eva most likely had an affair with cyclist Lance Armstrong, and that his Textingate was nothing in comparison.  Eva has not responded to these allegations – it’s likely her attorney has advised her not to.

Is Erin Barry Tony Parker’s other woman?

It looks like we have a positive ID on the woman for whom Tony Parker betrayed Eva Longoria‘s trust – several sources say it’s Erin Barry, wife of Parker’s former NBA teammate Brent Barry.  Barry and Parker have secretly been texting each other for over a year, and now Eva Longoria has discovered the secret and decided that the messages were just a little too personal for her liking.

Parker still insists that it was just a bit of flirting and that nothing actually happened, but there were literally hundreds of messages between him and Barry on his mobile phone, and during that time he failed to mention anything about it to his wife, so clearly he knew he was doing something wrong.