Volcano in Iceland Continues to Muck Up Air Travel Worldwide

European aviation authorities are finally planning to allow more flights to take off shortly, but the spouting volcano in Iceland continues to cause major disruption to air travel worldwide. Ash from the Iceland volcano continues to cancel concerts, delay sports events and keep even stars like Usher, Adam Lambert and Miley Cyrus grounded.

Iceland Volcano (Photo: Boaworm - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Iceland Volcano (Photo: Boaworm - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

While European authorities are finally buckling under pressure from the airlines to allow more flights to launch, air travel over northern Europe is expected to be spotty at best for at least several more days. “There will be no compromise on safety,” Siim Kallas, vice president of the European Commission in charge of transport, said at a press conference.

Among those prevented from flying is Last Song star Miley Cyrus, who had to cancel her appearance at the London premiere of the movie. Usher and Adam Lambert both had to pull out appearances in Europe due to the volcanic ash disruptions, according to the BBC. Dozens of other actors, musicians, bands and athletes have been forced to abandon their plans to fly because of the Iceland volcano’s lingering ash cloud.

The Eyjafjallajokull volcano – which no newscaster I’ve been watching has yet called by name – continues to spew out ash and belch fire. Some are predicting the volcano is calming down and should stop causing so much mess soon. Others, however, caution that there could be more major eruptions on the way…

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