Eva Longoria says she’s ready to move on

Eva Longoria spent most of last week and the past weekend celebrating her 36th birthday, and not only did she specifically say that she’s ready to put the whole Tony Parker divorce episode behind her, but she walked the talk by getting very cozy with her new boyfriend, Eduardo Cruz.

Eva celebrated her birthday with a trip to Disneyland and another trip to Vegas, and she told reporters that she had no regrets and was ready to face the future.  She spent the week surrounded by friends, and Cruz was right there the whole time.  Attendees at her parties said that they were all over each other and clearly very much in love.

Eva Longoria still choked up about divorce

It was the divorce that took everyone by surprise, especially Eva Longoria, who found out the hard way that her beloved husband, Tony Parker, was having secret sexy time with another woman.  Eva has put on a strong face for the public, and her determination not to hide away has been admirable, but recently she gave an interview that shows she’s still suffering.

Eva told Allure magazine that she still wells up with tears every time she thinks about her marriage, and that without her two female roommates, she doesn’t know how she would cope.  She said that the key to her strength is surrounding herself with amazing people who enrich her life.  Who needs a cheating husband?

Eva Longoria having ups and downs but looking great

Eva Longoria‘s Twitter stream may be full of inspirational quotes she’s using to try to cheer herself up about her divorce, but this weekend at the Golden Globes she looked absolutely stunning.  Eva has been chatting with friends and fans over Twitter about what to do when life gives you lemons, and has indicated that she feels weaker at some times than others, but it didn’t show at the awards ceremony, where she looked sleek and sexy in a floor-length black gown.

Tony Parker, you messed up.  Look what you had and lost!  Eva, on the other hand, got to sit next to Zac Efron at the Golden Globes, so that probably helped lift her spirits.