December 16, 2013

Family Guy’s Brian Griffin Returns From Dead: We Think It Sucks

Family Guy did something breathtaking and crazy fun when they killed off fan favorite character Brian Griffin a few weeks back in a gruesome death scene. We were among those who gasped and screamed at Family Guy creators for murdering Brian in a mystery hit-and-run. Then, just three weeks after his death, Family Guy brought […]

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May 18, 2011

Flintstones coming back to television

Seth MacFarlane, the guy who created Family Guy, is bringing an updated version of The Flintstones back to network television.  In a statement released by his reps, MacFarlane said that Fred Flintstone was the first character he ever drew, and that he was excited about having the change to bring the characters to life once […]

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October 28, 2010

Marky Mark to co-star with a teddy bear

Mark Wahlberg is taking part in a new film project called Ted, a movie about a man who is best friends with a teddy bear.  Yes, you read that right.  The film will be directed by Seth MacFarlane, the genius behind Family Guy, and will mark his big-screen directorial debut.  According to reports, the story […]

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February 16, 2010

Sarah Palin Blasts Family Guy Down Syndrome Episode

Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin and daughter Bristol Palin are furious over a Family Guy skit allegedly mocking Palin’s son Trig, who has Down syndrome. In the Family Guy episode, the character of Chris dates a woman with Down syndrome who says her “dad’s an accountant, and my mom’s the former governor of Alaska.” Before […]

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