Dancing With the Stars Nancy Grace Fart Video Sought By Fetish Group

The verdict is still not officially in on whether or not it was Nancy Grace who farted loudly during a recent episode of Dancing With the Stars. Even so, a fetish video website would love to purchase rights to a three second clip of the so-called Dancing With the Stars Nancy Grace fart video. Naturally, this is just a cheap way to drum up publicity for the website, but it is still pretty funny.

Just a week after the Dancing With the Stars Nancy Grace wardrobe malfunction that bared way more of her breast than any human with eyeballs needed to see, the talking head is now the subject of yet another embarrassing video clip. Although she has tried to blame it on everyone but herself, Nancy Grace appears to have let a giant fart rip during this week’s Dancing With the Stars.

Nancy Grace was standing with partner Tristan MacManus and host Brooke Burke when a loud farting sound ripped across the audio. Just a second later, Nancy Grace made an embarrassed face and partner Tristan MacManus stuck out his tongue and looked carefully away from her. Brooke Burke, meanwhile, appeared to be desperately attempting not to either run screaming or laugh her head off.

Capitalizing on the publicity of the Dancing With the Stars Nancy Grace fart video, a self-proclaimed ‘fetish’ website has announced loudly to the media that they wish to purchase rights to the three second flatulence footage. “After viewing and hearing Nancy Grace’s alleged “toot” after her performance on Dancing With the Stars, our staff here at [self-promoting website*], who have a real nose for news, would like to acquire the rights of the three second footage from ABC,” the site said in a letter to ABC.

The sucking up for publicity website* said they “wish to acquire this for our members of our website who are “Flatulophiliacs” or simply put, “Fart Fanatics… Passing gas is as natural as breathing, and our members are waiting with baited breath.”

Grace totally denied she was the source of the meaty fart. She also said at the time that she “can absolutely exonerate myself and Brooke. However, the rest of the cast — seated just inches away — all remain under grave suspicion.”

Later though, she switched tactics and blamed partner Tristan MacManus with a backhanded dig, telling TMZ that “if you listen very carefully to that clip, it has an Irish accent.” Yeah, well, she also denied that her Dancing With the stars wardrobe malfunction actually involved any nipple slippage — but we saw the eye-bleaching evidence for ourselves.

So, basically, if Nancy Grace denies it ever happened, you can probably bet it definitely did!

* You want to know the name of this self-serving, whacked out fetish site? Go play with yourself on Google.