Michael Jackson FBI File Released

The FBI has released more than 300 pages of documents collected on late pop icon Michael Jackson. The formerly classified files include information related to the Michael Jackson child molestation cases in 1993 and 2004 and details about an investigation made into death threats made against Jackson by crazed stalker Frank Paul Jones.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Over half of the information collected by the FBI relating to Michael Jackson will remain secret for now, however, despite a request for a full release of all files under the US Freedom of Information Act by various media outlets.

The FBI Michael Jackson files include documents related to both of the Michael Jackson child molestation trials. The FBI reportedly assigned agents to assist prosecutors in investigating the charges against Jackson in 2004. He was later found not guilty. Notes on the 1993 molestation investigation were also found in the Michael Jackson FBI file.

The FBI documents also detail bizarre death threats against Michael Jackson from a man who was reportedly obsessed with the singer’s sister, Janet Jackson – whom he claimed was his wife. The man, identified as Frank Paul Jones (AKA Frank Paul Gambino) reportedly threatened to kill Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, George W. Bush and fans at a Michael Jackson concert at various points.

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