Fidel Castro Dead for Real This Time?

A rumor is going around that former Cuban leader Fidel Castro is dead, but so far it looks like just that – a rumor. The phrase ‘Fidel Castro dead’ just popped up on Google Trends minutes ago, but there’s no evidence Castro has really kicked the bucket yet.


Rumors the ailing Fidel Castro has died have flown around before, including a now-infamous declaration of his death by Perez Hilton on his tabloid gossip site. Celebrity death rumors are a dime a dozen lately, with everyone from Bette Midler to Miley Cyrus finding themselves the victim of what basically equates an Internet-wide prank.

For now, it seems like the constantly near-death Castro is still hanging on. And next time you see a rumor out there someone famous has met the Grim Reaper, take it with a grain of salt until you get it from a verified source.

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