Today’s Loser Of The Day: Jesse Jackson- Video

Ah, the windy one strikes again! The “Reverend” Jesse Jackson’s open-mic mess had him showing his TRUE colors about Barack Obama. If you’ve been in a cave for the last 24 hours or so, Jesse was in the Fox and Friends studio readying for an interview on Sunday. The self-proclaimed Reverend whispered that “Barack’s been talking down to black people” and he was gonna “cut [Obama’s] nuts off”! The problem? He had a hot mic clipped to his hip AND tape was already rolling!

Immediate fallout ALL over, particularly from Jesse’s SON, Jesse Jackson Jr. Jesse Jr. is Obama’s national campaign co-chair! Jr. wasted NO time in blasting his dad and denouncing the Rev’s slip. Geez- parents can be SO freakin’ embarrassing!

Even worse, there’s additional video the cable news networks are hanging onto that’s MORE outrageous. Fox and CNN will decide shortly what, if any of the additional ugliness they will air. The Rev has sort of apologized for getting caught, in his usual indecipherable way. Check out the insufferable one who’s obviously jealous of Obama. So much for the Rainbow.

UPDATE! Here is the awesome 23/6’s mashup of various news anchors struggling to report what Jesse said!!