Weird News – Frozen Head of Hall of Famer Ted Williams Abused

This definitely qualifies as extremely weird news. A new book claims the frozen head of Hall of Fame baseball player Ted Williams has been mutilated and abused by workers at the cryonics facility where it is being stored.


Larry Johnson, a former employee of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, makes the strange claims in his new book Frozen. In the book, Johnson says the frozen head of Ted Williams was badly abused by workers at the cryogenics facility.

Ted Williams died at age 83 in 2002 and his body was taken to the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, AZ. Johnson writes that workers at the facility mangled Williams’ head while trying to remove it from his body with “crude” equipment. He also states Williams’ head had a tuna can lodged in it and was used for batting practice with a monkey wrench by a lab technician.

Larry Johnson turned whistle blower on Alcor in 2003 after witnessing continued abuse of clients’ remains and disgusting experiments taking place at the cryogenic facility. In addition to the mistreatment of Ted Williams’ remains, Johnson said workers at the facility also dismembered live dogs and dumped blood and toxic chemicals in a parking lot sewer drain.