Justin, PLEASE Don’t Pull A Garth Brooks!

Oh, Snarkista just had a BAD flashback. In 1999, country singer Garth Brooks created an alter-ego character named “Chris Gaines”. Garth changed his look when he was being “Chris”, and even released an album as his other self. It was welcomed like a turd in a punchbowl.

Now, Justin Timberlake has agreed to star in the latest campaign for the clothing company he co-owns with best friend Trace Ayala, William Rast. Justin apparently never wanted to be the face of his clothing line, but the label’s higher-ups have finally convinced him.

Here’s the dicey part: Justin changed his mind after he was given the idea of playing a fictional character who is named after the brand. Women’s Wear Daily quotes creative director Johan Lindeberg as saying,

“We came up with this idea for him to play a role as this guy named William Rast. So it isn’t meant to be Justin, it’s Justin playing a role, as an actor. When we explained the idea, he instantly loved it and got really into building the profile of this character.

Justin’s also gonna play the William Rast character in a series of short Net movies entitled “My Name Is William Rast”, viewable at williamrastmovie.com later this month. The movies show William Rast as a rebel who runs from the police with his lady friend, Birdie. The two, who wear head-to-toe William Rast, apparently have committed some mysterious crime. The movies will include some steamy scenes between the two as well.

Justin! Snarkista is BEGGING you not to lose yourself to your character! When Garth did it, his career took an instant nosedive that it NEVER recovered from. His sanity was (rightly) questioned! Come on, my little sexyback. Don’t let those label suits lure you in too far. They can be GREEDY little shizzbags.
Just keep chanting, my name is Justin…my name is Justin…my name is Justin!