Disgraced Pastor Ted Haggard to Appear on Celebrity Wife Swap

Disgraced former Evangelical pastor Ted Haggard has managed to do the near impossible. He has sunk to an new low by agreeing to appear on an upcoming episode of Celebrity Wife Swap, in which he will ‘swap’ wives with crazy actor Gary Busey.

Ted Haggard was booted from the National Association of Evangelical pastors after admitting to screwing a male prostitute and taking crystal meth.

We thought reality television could not possibly get any more disgusting, but this may just take the cake. This show is already one of the most disturbing and horrid reality shows in existence. Two guys trade out their wives while the poor women are treated like dirt in their new ‘families’ and they struggle not to have a psychotic breakdown so they can pocket a bit of cash.

With such a lurid premise for a reality show, I guess we can’t be shocked that Wife Swap would go even nastier when they upped the show to Celebrity Wife Swap. What makes this really horrific, however, is the knowledge that Ted Haggard’s wife is STILL married to him. Seriously? And not only still married to a cheating drug addict who now says he is bisexual, but willing to go on TV and embarrass herself for his benefit.

That is just so distressingly sad I can’t even express my disgust properly. The most pathetic part is that there are actually going to be people who watch this. I shudder at the thought.