Gary Coleman Filed Restraining Order Against Ex-Wife Shannon Price

While Gary Coleman‘s ashes remain in storage, new information has come to light regarding his stormy relationship with ex-wife Shannon Price. Price and Coleman’s former girlfriend, Anna Gray, are currently battling over who should be given power over Coleman’s estate and remains.

Gary Coleman (Photo: Daniel McConnell - Wikimedia Commons)
Gary Coleman (Photo: Daniel McConnell - Wikimedia Commons)

Previously sealed court documents reveal that Gary Coleman tried to file a restraining order against ex-wife Shannon Price just three months before his tragic death. The former Diff’rent Strokes actor claimed Price trespassed in his home while he was in the hospital following heart surgery.

“I am concerned that irreplaceable memorabilia, irreplaceable model trains, irreplaceable items of personal property will be stolen, damaged or destroyed,” Coleman wrote in the court documents, dated Feb. 19, 2010. “[Price] has shown a tendency to damage, destroy and steal my property and I believe she will continue to do so in my absence and while she is trespassing in my home.”

“He was in poor health and he had been told while he was in the hospital that she was sort of looting the house and he wanted it stopped,” Coleman’s former attorney, Randy Kester, said in a press statement. “He had reached a point where he didn’t want to have any contact with her and he wanted her to stop taking his things.”

The restraining order reportedly never actually got to Shannon Price and after six weeks or so, the two were having an on and off relationship once more, Kester said.

Gary Coleman was cremated on June 17 and his ashes are currently being taken care of by a court-appointed attorney. Shannon Price and Coleman’s ex-girlfriend Anna Gray are still fighting over who is the real heir to the late actor’s estate. Gray is named as the primary benificiary in a 2005 will, but Price claims she was still Coleman’s common-law wife despite their official divorce.

Randy Kester is now representing Gray in the court battle between the two.

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Gary Coleman’s Parents Will Not Fight Son’s Will

The parents of former child star Gary Coleman have announced they will not fight his will. Sue and Willie Coleman told Meredith Vieira on the Today show Friday they are giving up any fight over their son’s body or estate. Coleman’s will is at the center of a battle between the actor’s ex-wife, Shannon Price, and his former manager, Dion Mial.

Gary Coleman (Photo: Daniel McConnell - Wikimedia Commons)

In an interview on the Today show on Friday, Sue and Willie Coleman said they have given up the battle over Gary Coleman’s body and his estate. The Colemans said they had no intention of contesting his will, which was filed in Utah on June 8. The will names Coleman’s former manager, Dion Mial, as the executor of his estate.

Shannon Price, Coleman’s ex-wife, has filed to contest the will, claiming she should have control of what happens to Coleman’s remains and power over his estate.

Coleman’s parents just want all the drama to end and their son to be properly buried. “I want all the talk to stop,” Sue Coleman said. “Gary’s gone. I want his body put away respectfully so that we all can bring some closure to this part of him … Let’s just put him away so that his spirit can just go on to where it’s going. He’s at rest, I know he is, and the rest of us need to bring some closure to it.”

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Gary Coleman Death Photos Being Shopped to Media

Photos taken of late actor Gary Coleman in the hospital – and one of him after he died – are being shopped around to the media. An anonymous photographer reportedly approached at least once gossip site attempting to sell photos of the former Diff’rent Strokes star on his deathbed.

Gary Coleman (Photo: Aaron Fulkerson - Wikimedia Commons)
Gary Coleman (Photo: Aaron Fulkerson - Wikimedia Commons)

Gary Coleman was rushed to the hospital last month after suffering a brain hemorrhage following a fall at his home in Utah. He died two days later after being taken off life support by his ex-wife, Shannon Price. claims someone attempted to sell them several photos of Gary Coleman hooked up to life support in the hospital and at least one photo of him after he died. did not buy the photos, but claims the anonymous photographer was asking for a price in the “low five figures.”

Now that is just low. Whoever managed to snap those photos, which the gossip site seems to have verified as real, we hope you get a swift karmic kick in the ass for such despicable behavior.

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Gary Coleman Parents Drop Battle Over His Body

The parents of late actor Gary Coleman have dropped their battle with his ex-wife Shannon Price over possession of his body. Price had planned to have a funeral for Coleman this weekend in Utah, but the service was cancelled when his parents filed to be given custody of his remains. Sue and Willie Coleman had wanted their son’s body to be buried in Zion, Illinois, where they live.

Gary Coleman (Photo: Daniel McConnell - Wikimedia Commons)
Gary Coleman (Photo: Daniel McConnell - Wikimedia Commons)

A newly discovered will drafted in the 1990’s by Gary Coleman prompted his parents to give up their fight over their son’s body.

Coleman’s longtime friend and former manager, Dion Mial, was named as the executor of the actor’s estate in his will, which was drafted in the 1990’s. Mial said Coleman’s wife “has absolutely no rights or authority, with regard to the disposition of Gary’s remains, services, estate management.”

“From the start, Mr. and Mrs. Coleman’s intention has been to see that Gary’s wishes be honored and that his affairs be taken care of properly,” the couple’s attorney said in a press statement. “They wanted to do things the right way, and they urge those still involved to do the same. The Colemans ask that everyone please treat Gary with respect and kindness. They feel it is time for him to find peace and let his spirit go.”

Coleman had reportedly not spoken with his parents for 10 years at the time of his death. The former child actor sued his parents 20 years ago after claiming they stole the money he made as a star on Diff’rent Strokes.
Mial said funeral services for Coleman are currently pending.

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Gary Coleman Funeral Delayed Over Battle for Body

The funeral for late actor Gary Coleman will not take place this weekend as planned due to a battle between his ex-wife and parents over his remains. Coleman died last week from a brain hemorrhage after allegedly falling in his home.

Gary Coleman (Photo: Daniel McConnell - Wikimedia Commons)
Gary Coleman (Photo: Daniel McConnell - Wikimedia Commons)

Gary Coleman’s funeral was originally scheduled to take place this weekend in Utah, according to Us Weekly. Coleman’s ex-wife, Shannon Price, recently begged the actor’s fans to help contribute to the cost of the funeral. “Our life together has not always been the best financially, and right now I am struggling to figure out what I am going to do for funeral costs,” Price said in a video on

Coleman’s parents, however, want his body to be brought back to Zion, Illinois, where they currently live. Sue and William Coleman, who had not spoken to their son for 10 years before his death, want to be put in charge of his remains. Shannon Price argues that she is the executor of his will and is the only one with the power to make his funeral arrangements.

“The Colemans don’t want to fight with anyone,” their lawyer said in a statement. “They just want to bring their son home.”

Shannon Price’s agent, Sheila Erickson, says the Colemans plans are contrary to “what is in Gary’s will.” However, Gary Coleman’s attorney told on Wednesday that he has not yet seen any “valid will” specifying what should be done with the former Diff’rent Strokes actor’s body.

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