Britney’s Reality Show? Oh, And The VMA’s.

Popwreck Britney Spears is rumored to be working on a reality tv show. Her bodyguards were caught shooting her every move with professional grade video cameras during her mini-vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Hmm. Britney’s gonna probably have to do something a little more interesting than lay around in a bikini for this one to sell.

However, during her vacation this past weekend, Britney was also caught doing the tango with a mysterious, man. Some reports said he was handsome, but Snarkista thinks he has a hairy back problem which makes “handsome” impossible. He’s been identified as Palms Resort and Casino owner George Maloof. Britney was captured in a white bikini showing off her tanned body, flirting, and chatting.

Brit-Brit’s been nominated for Best Female Music Video category at the 2008 MTV VMA awards for “Piece Of Me”. You know, the one that was probably scripted by Adnan Ghalib, where Britney and the decoy Britneys get chased around by the papz, and Britney does the peekaboo with her fists. And they put her derrière in the magazine. Instead of her cooch.

There is buzz that she may performing on the show September 7th. However, MTV hasn’t offered her the stage just yet. A close pal told press, “They are going to leave it up until the week before to decide.” Because they need to check the cheeto belly first, and have wardrobe approval written in stone! Also, Britney will probably have to attend rehearsal this time, unlike her LAST disastrous performance. Crap. Snarkista just had a BAD flashback. Get outta my head!