Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Official Trailer Video Draws Mixed Reactions

The new Girl With the Dragon Tattoo official trailer video is drawing mixed reactions from fans of the famous book trilogy and the original foreign films made from the bestselling series. While some fans are excited by the trailer for the new David Fincher-helmed film, others are still questioning why Hollywood felt the need to remake three already well-made films.

The overall reaction to the new Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trailer video seems to be relatively positive, but some fans are still unhappy about the remake. The original foreign film trilogy made from Stieg Larsson’s incredibly successful book series is much beloved. Noomi Rapace, as the title character Lisbeth Salander, was especially stunning in her role. So far the reaction to Rooney Mara, Rapace’s replacement in the American version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, is mixed.

In the new Girl With the Dragon Tattoo video, Daniel Craig as Mikael Blomkvist has received a primarily positive reaction, with even some of the most critical fans conceding that he might just as good or better in the role than Michael Nyqvist in the original films. David Fincher as director has also received approving nods, as has Trent Reznor for the soundtrack. The accents in the trailer, however, have mostly received a thumbs down from what I’ve been seeing online.

Whether a die-hard lover of the foreign films or not, it seems most fans will still be headed out to the theaters to see the new version of the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I find it difficult myself to see anyone embodying the spirit of Lisbeth Salander better than Noomi Rapace in the original trilogy. Still, based on what I’ve seen from the trailer, I’m willing to give Rooney Mara a chance to change my mind.