Glee DVR Victim Again? Watch Glee Total Eclipse of the Heart Video Here!

Once again, American Idol ran over and left some Glee fans glaring at their DVRs for cutting off the last few minutes of their favorite show. Well, we can’t be having any Glee fans missing out on the final number of the show!

Glee (FOX)
Glee (FOX)

So for those poor fans out there who missed the Glee “Total Eclipse of the Heart” final number, we bring you the video below. Enjoy!


Who else is just totally in love with this show? When they keep putting out awesome numbers like this one, how can you not? Glee rocks!

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Were You a Glee DVR Victim? Watch Glee Like a Prayer Video Here!

Glee fans who put their faith in their trusty TiVos and DVRs last night to capture their favorite show were betrayed when the recording cut off before the episode ended! American Idol was to blame, naturally, running over into designated Glee time and confusing our poor DVRs. Damn you American Idol!

Glee (FOX)
Glee (FOX)

Fear not, Glee fans, you can watch the last few minutes of the show online and don’t have to take a hammer to your DVR (or American Idol producers’ heads). For those poor souls who didn’t get the fabulous last three minutes of Glee, you can check out the last five minutes and the final performance of Madonna‘s “Like a Prayer” below. We apologize for the dratted commercial interruption, but such is the price one has to pay sometimes for good video. Enjoy!

We certainly think it was worth the wait. The Glee Madonna episode is totally one of our favorites of the show so far!

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