Crimes Against Fashion: Renee Zellweger Edition

Renee Zellweger had a fashion FAIL at the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards this weekend…pairing a black fishtail dress with a transparent top with a white bra. WTF? Surely Renee had a mirror available whilst getting dressed for the Globes, but it sure doesn’t look like it. And her Bridget Jones hair doesn’t help any argument to the contrary!

Squinty pranced around on the red carpet showing off her booty too. Did somebody start her traditional Golden Globe imbibing of spirits a little early? Sure, everyone’s hammered by the end of the show, which usually makes for an entertaining watch- all the more reason to hold off at least until one is seated at one’s table. Renee? Basic foundations 101: Nothing but black underneath your black, especially if your black could double as a mosquito net. Which yours easily could, and therefore should be shipped to Africa immediately.