Jon and Kate Gosselin Divorced at Last!

It’s finally official; Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin are divorced at last! The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars are now legally no longer a couple. Good news for Kate Gosselin, who can finally move on with her life. Not so good news for Jon Gosselin, who reportedly got the major raw end of the deal in the divorce settlement.

Jon and Kate Gosselin
Jon and Kate Gosselin

Under the terms of the divorce, Kate Gosselin will reportedly remain living with her eight children in the couple’s former family home in Pennsylvania and retain primary custody of the kids. Jon will have visitation rights, an arrangement the former couple reportedly made in advance. Jon Gosselin has allegedly been whammed with huge child support payments, a severe blow for the former reality TV dad since he’s basically unemployed at this point.

JonandKateSuperpassJon Gosselin and the TLC network are currently involved in some serious legal wrangling and right now TLC has his balls in a sling. Under a judge’s order, Jon Gosselin must abide by the terms of his exclusive contract with TLC, which means he can’t take on any unauthorized paid work – like blabbing to tabloids or ranting on talk shows for cash.

So, basically, Jon Gosselin got sick of his wife because she was controlling and inhibited his desire to party like a teenager. Only to end up with TLC controlling him like a puppet and Kate Gosselin getting all the goodies in their divorce. Good trade? We think not…

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