Kate Gosselin Wants to be a Movie Star

In Monday night’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin shared her dreams of becoming a TV and movie star. Because, apparently, she’s just so super good at it!

“I’ve done enough years on TV that I feel like it’s a normal, comfortable, natural place to be,” Kate Gosselin said on the ‘question and answer’ episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. “I’d love to be in a movie at some point, I’d love to be the voice of a cartoon character in a movie for my kids. I think that would be fun.”

Kate Gosselin on 'The View'
Kate Gosselin on 'The View'

Fun for her, we’re sure. After all, without that Hollywood paycheck, how is she going to afford her full-time nanny? Her part-time nanny? Her house cleaner? Her landscapers? Her shoe habit and hair stylist? Fame and fortune is like crack, once you smoke it, you just can’t ever go back – even if it ruins your life, kills your marriage and corrupts your children.

The sad thing is, someone out there will probably give her what she wants – for a while. As long as Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin remain a tabloid headline, there will be sleazeballs willing to cash in on the free publicity. Kate Gosselin has already taped a pilot for one talk show already. TLC is still hoping to get Kate Plus 8 off the ground, despite Jon Gosselin’s injunction against any further taping of his children. Kate Gosselin has got her mouth on the fame bit and she’s not likely to let go anytime soon.

The saddest thing is that Kate Gosselin doesn’t seem to realize the only real reason why anyone wants her at this point is to exploit her and her family drama – not because she’s all that interesting herself. Hollywood will probably be happy to use and abuse her until the public loses interest – and then they’ll dump her off into obscurity again without a second thought.

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Jon Gosselin Shocked by Kate Ditching Court Hearing

Former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin was reportedly “shocked” when estranged wife Kate Gosselin decided to ditch a court hearing Monday morning to attend a book signing. The Gosselins were due in court to settle a dispute over $230,000 Jon Gosselin allegedly took from a joint bank account without permission.


Jon Gosselin declared in court Monday he had returned $180,000 he had withdrawn from the former couple’s bank account to comply with a previous order from the judge in the ongoing financial dispute. Kate Gosselin, who was also scheduled to appear, was MIA – attending a women’s conference and book signing in California.

Blasting Kate Gosselin for not showing up, Jon Gosselin said his estranged wife has still not accounted for $33,000 she took from the joint account. Kate’s attorney, Cheryl Young, said the arbitrator in the couple’s divorce had not asked for her client to explain her usage of the funds and said she is “fully compliant.”

Jon wasn’t the only one pissed off by Kate’s blow-off, his laywer went on a full-out tirade about the woman he calls “the old lady who lived in the shoe.”


The Gosselins are due back in court in November for another divorce arbitration session. The final episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 airs Monday night.

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Jon Gosselin Gives Back Money He Took from Joint Account with Kate

Former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin has reportedly agreed to pay back $180,000 he allegedly took without permission from a joint bank account shared with estranged wife Kate Gosselin.

Kate Gosselin claims her soon-to-be ex-husband took $230,000 total out of their joint account without her approval. The financial dispute erupted just days after Jon Gosselin forced TLC to shut down filming of Jon & Kate Plus 8 by revoking his permission for the network to film his children.


In a court appearance over the allegedly missing money, a judge ordered Jon Gosselin to return $180,000 of the funds he took. Marring Kate’s victory somewhat, the judge also ruled she would have to provide accounting for $55,000 she took from the account, supposedly for household expenses. The former couple is due in court Monday as a follow-up to the judge’s ruling. If the terms set out are not met, one or both of them could face contempt charges.

Jon Gosselin’s lawyer informed Kate Gosselin’s attorneys on Friday that he has agreed to repay the remainder of the money the judge told him to give back, $152,000.  Though, according to TMZ.com, the money has not yet exchanged hands. Jon Gosselin has reportedly already repaid $28,000 of the funds.

Kate Gosselin, on the other hand, so far seems to have taken no action regarding the $55,000 Jon Gosselin said she withdrew from the joint account.

“Unless something happens today [with Kate] she will be going through contempt proceedings Monday,” lawyer Mark Heller told People on Friday.

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Kate Gosselin Will Avoid Your Questions on TLC Special

Jon & Kate Plus 8 is finally gasping its last breaths, but TLC is going to milk Kate Gosselin and her family’s drama for every ounce of blood they can before the show goes dark forever.


With a very limited amount of footage left to wrap up Jon & Kate Plus 8 after Jon Gosselin forced TLC to stop filming, the network is turning to Kate Gosselin to wrap up the show for good. TLC will air a ‘special’ episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 next week subtitled “You Ask, Kate Answers.” The episode will feature Kate Gosselin answering questions from viewers – or at least, pondering questions from viewers and then saying whatever the hell she wants.

TLC has already received close to 10,000 questions for Kate Gosselin through their website and other sources. On Monday, Kate Gosselin will attempt to conquer some of these questions from viewers – without, of course, making herself look even more pathetic than she already has in the national media.

Even more fun for Kate, she is also due in court Monday morning to battle out financial issues with estranged husband Jon Gosselin after the whole he said/she said public flame war over money dragging on the past few weeks.

With Jon Gosselin still cock-blocking TLC at every opportunity, it’s still shaky whether or not the network will be able to launch their retooled Kate Plus 8 series in November.

>> Latest: Jon Gosselin Shocked by Kate Ditching Court Hearing

Jon Gosselin Sued by TLC for Contract Breach

We knew it was only a matter of time before TLC sued Jon Gosselin for violating the terms of his exclusive contract. Now the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star will be fighting a squeeze of legal battles on two fronts – with estranged wife Kate Gosselin as the rock and TLC as the hard place.

Jon Gosselin on 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'
Jon Gosselin on 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' - TLC

TLC has filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit against Jon Gosselin in Maryland this week, accusing the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star of multiple contract violations. TLC alleges Jon Gosselin made paid and unpaid TV appearances without the prior approval of the network. The network is also accusing him of harming the show “with his constant criticisms” about the series.

“The network has been trying privately and patiently for months to get Jon to honor the contract he signed and to comply with his obligations relating to public appearances and statements,” a representative for TLC said in a press statement. “Those efforts have been unsuccessful.” TLC is reportedly seeking to force Jon Gosselin to abide by the terms of his contract and to return any money earned from making unapproved television appearances.

Jon Gosselin’s attorney, Mark Heller, told People on Friday he had not yet seen any legal documents from TLC. “I can’t comment on something I haven’t seen. Jon hasn’t been served yet, either,” he said.   

Kate Gosselin, meanwhile, may be slapping her soon-to-be ex-husband with even more legal tangles soon. Gosselin said in a statement Thursday she is “disturbed” by statements from former babysitter (and alleged Jon Gosselin lover) Stephanie Santoro saying Jon Gosselin admitted to taking money from Kate and has been hacking her e-mails, bank accounts and phone records.

“Ms. Gosselin is carefully considering all of her legal options regarding this matter, and she will pursue them if and when the time is right,” Kate Gosselin’s attorney said in a press statement.

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