Madonna Charges Gym Fees To Her Pals

With over half of a billion dollars in the bank, you’d have thought Madonna would be able to afford to be a bit generous. Nope! Madge is notoriously stingy careful with money, and thinks even her closest buddies should pay their own way. Bish, plz.

Beatle daughter turned designer Stella McCartney used to work out in the gym at Madonna’s house in Mayfair, England, but has now decided to have a gym of her own built after Madonna started charging for the use of her facilities. Sayeth “a source”:

‘Madonna demands a token amount for cleaning and upkeep but the price has been creeping up. Stella and Gwyneth Paltrow, who also uses the gym, found they were giving her hundreds of pounds. Stella offered to pay in clothes but Madonna wants cash only. Stella has decided she is better off having equipment installed at her new Notting Hill house while Gwyneth is extending the Pilates studio her husband Chris Martin had installed at their Belsize Park home.

The Material one has always been…material. She didn’t get that rich by giving out free rides! Just ask her family! Stella and Gwynnie should be GLAD to be out of Madge’s gym. Just look at Madonna’s crazy-pumped arms! It would just be a matter of time before they’d be swinging some fugly big guns of their own. One freak show is enough.